Master of Code

Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Speaker

Chatbots, AI, & Software Development

Master of Code partners with the world’s leading brands to design, develop and launch apps, chat, and voice conversational AI experiences across a multitude of channels.

Our passion for creating engaging and impactful interactions has allowed us to design, build, and launch amazing app and AI-powered conversational solutions that are recognized worldwide.

Founded in 2004, we have grown to more than 200 ‘Masters’ with 4 offices worldwide. Our team has the depth of experience to bring a strategic technical perspective, as well as the breadth of resources necessary to execute those technical strategies.

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For our AI powered chatbots we use:

Microsoft LUIS ⠂Dialogflow ⠂Amazon Lex ⠂IBM Watson ⠂Microsoft Bot Framework

Our conversational solutions integrate seamlessly with

LivePerson LiveEngage ⠂Salesforce ⠂Zendesk ⠂Stripe ⠂Sprinklr, etc.