Finding investors or getting accepted into top accelerators isn't that hard...

When you know exactly what to say and what information they want to see.
And this quick training program will help you do 4 things:

1. How to condense your whole startup into a simple pitch to demonstrate your value and set a valuation if you have little or no traction and sales.

2. How to easily build your financials, ask for the right amount of money, and avoid undervaluing or overvaluing your company.

3. How to get accepted on shows like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank and also accepted into top accelerators like TechStars and Y Combinator.

4. How to easily find investors, how to pitch them (with the exact scrips provided), and even how to cold email them to get a meeting.

 And on top of that, I will give you access to my 9000+ investor list that I and others have used many times to find the right investor for our startups.

A few of the companies who were successful with this training.

If you are looking to raise your seed round, then join the thousands of others who found out how easy it really was.

This training exists because raising capital for your startup is easy when you have done it many times before. So I am sharing everything that has worked for my startups and the startups I have helped.

I help startups get funding.

I work with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them create winning pitch decks, find investors, and raise investment.

From deck creation, pitch competitions, to investor outreach, I have a successful track record in helping startups raise the funding they need to grow their startup.

What They Have To Say

'Bryce is a mover, one who has created, shaped, and influenced our startup community. He has helped us with our client companies and is that influencer which anyone with a new idea should go to first.'
Marshall Ring
- CEO, Manitoba Technology Accelerator
"This is an awesome training resource on how to attract the right kind of investment!"
Kerrie Richards
- Founder, Business Growth Rocket
"Bryce is an amazing mentor and entrepreneur. He is a world class pitcher who has helped numerous companies raise capital and stand out in front of investors."
Jeff Ryzner
- COO, Pricerazzi

My Story

My entrepreneurial journey doesn’t begin and end with one of those fairytale stories where I sell my first company for hundreds of millions of dollars… It’s more real than that…

Because the stories you hear are over glorified, and most times, involve pure luck. And I know you are like I was, wondering how to be one of those success stories.

No, it ends in failure. A lot of failure. Enough failure that it has given me over 10+ years of experience learning everything I could from building and scaling companies all over the world to learning how to best and strategically pitch investors for investment.

I did EVERYTHING unimaginably wrong which has given me the ultimate gift – How to do it right.

From Failure To Success

I took all those learnings and failures and put them into a training program that helps entrepreneurs all over the world combine their own stories into a strategy that raises them investment. 

It was an entirely unique system for reaching out and pitching investors. One that shows you how to properly attract the right talent, partners, and mentors. 

All while highlighting the exact numbers and metrics investors want to see so you don’t just sit in their inbox.

It created such an abundant flow of startup programs inviting me to teach their startups and help them how to pitch, raise, and grow their companies. 
And when I showed my clients this system, they were able to attract investment and grow their startups just as fast.

This is the same system that awarded me the opportunity to…

Pitch to people like Prince Charles

I got a rare opportunity to pitch the Prince on my interactive mirror technology. 
“Now this is an entrepreneur!” – Prince Charles

Perform in the top 3.5% to reach over $500K in crowdfunding

As CEO of TrapTap Inc. I grew it from just a napkin drawing to a venture that reached over 20 countries in 9 months total. I raised $600K after 90 days of coming up with the idea.

Get featured on Dragons' Den

In November, 2017, I pitched these angel investors on Canada’s Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank) to secure $500K in funding for my company TrapTap Inc. 

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Place top 5 in Canada and top 4 in USA for world pitch competition

Get in the Ring, a competition founded by the Netherlands-based Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, sees startups from around the world square off in the boxing ring, with their investment pitches.

With features in top publications

Exclusives in publications like TechCrunch, Popular Mechanics, Discovery Channel, and all major Canadian and USA news stations.

Win numerous business and pitch competitions

Check out my LinkedIn profile for full details on all of these accolades and awards:
Bryce North LinkedIn <–

As being a CEO and having built $1M+ business in under 12 months, some have reached over 40+ countries. I have experienced what many try to accomplish while learning how to:
  • Find the right investors and advisors and always get a meeting.
  • How to pitch them and get them interested in wanting to help.
  • How to properly value your company (when you have no traction at all!).
  • How to excite investors and ask for the right amount of money.
  • How to give them what they want, negotiate, and properly show growth in your pitch.
  • And how to start embodying your pitch and story so it resonates online and in-person when networking.

I work with entrepreneurs to perfect their pitch, offering, story, and traction points to get them the attention they deserve from the right investor or partner –

And it took years and years of practice, failing, learning, and trying over and over again. I interviewed investor after investor, startup after startup and then then a lightbulb went off in my head…

I finally was winning pitch competitions, winning over investors, obtaining insane growth and traction with my startups that I got asked to pitch and share my success at different events all over the world!

"Wow, what a business!"

Tech entrepreneur, television personality, and venture capitalist. She co-founded Clearbanc & SnapSave (acquired by Groupon).
Michele Romanow

If you are starting our or struggling to raise your round, these easy to apply tactics will get you the attention and meetings you want.

Join me and others on the other side of the investment wall and see what happens to your startup when you the money you want at the valuation you deserve.
Simply click the button below to simply get started. Signing up only takes only a minute, and you’ll be happy you did.


Module 1: Make Your Pitch Investor Ready

A. The Pitch Deck Master Course – Learn the secrets to building a compelling deck with the right layout to explain your story, numbers, valuation, etc. I cut the clutter and give you exactly what you need to impress. Each lesson comes with examples, stories, and in-depth explanations

B. 10 pre-designed pitch deck templates that work! There is ZERO need for an agency to design a sleek and stylish deck. Each template comes with prebuilt sections, graphics, and layouts so you can work along with the course. These come in Keynote, Powerpoint, and Google Slides.

C. An award-winning sample deck – Trust me, this is a deck that impresses. Award-winning with rave reviews from those that invested. Copy, reference, or get inspired from a pitch that closed its round in 30 days.  

Module 2: Building Your Investor Network

A. How to approach investors by email (or LinkedIn) with proven scripts – Finding investors is they easy part, but reaching out to them and getting a response is tricky. I show you the format and art of reaching out and crafting an email pitch that gets you a meeting every time.

You will also get my 9000+ investor list.

B. How to pitch and engage your investor list so they invest  – Investors invest in people and I show you how to automate and quickly build a relationship with each investor through updates and traction stories.

C. Top pitch strategy ebooks – I compile the very best advice and strategies from 100’s of interviews with investors and startups who were successful with their raise. 

Module 3: How Easy It Is To Negotiate and Close

A. Vetted, pre-designed investor docs – Heavily requested and now included! Most of the time you will be asked for a full business plan, a detailed executive summary (one-pager), or a pitch proposal. While these sound stressful to make, I have included beautifully designed templates and scripts to easily get you through to close the deal.

B. The top asked investor questions – With over 10+ years of dealing and interviewing investors, I got them to reveal their top asked investor questions to help you crush the Q&A period.

C. Pitch manuals, meeting guides, and pre/post pitch cheat sheets – These guides go hand-in-hand with all the sections in this training. These topics will come up during your investor meetings and these guides will ensure you have the information and metrics covered

Get Access Now And Get Funded

The complete A-Z blueprint for creating and delivering seed-ready investment pitches that make it easy to close your round.

How impactful is this course? Take another look.

Mike McGarry from WPGTimber jumps on a video call with me to discuss how game-changing this training was and how much it had impacted his business.